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Schiedel ceramic chimney systems

Refractory liners ceramic chimney systems Schiedel technical ceramics. Ensuring the well-being in your homes at low cost.




Absolut is suitable for all types of fuels and appliances. Itself is old and the air inlet and flue gas. It is resistant to moisture and without ventilation. Installation is quite easy because the two components-flue blocks with integrated thermal insulation and pipe.



schniedeluniplusUNI *** PLUS Universal chimney system for all types of fuel. The system consists of refractory liner Schiedel, whose thin walls are rapidly heated, thus saving energy. Supplement with thermal insulation mats Schiedel, whose flexible mineral fibers easily adhere to the surface and withstand temperatures up to 1000 ° C. Its third part of the chimney blocks, characterized by quick and easy installation. The system also has a rear vents, so that air can circulate freely and the insulation is moisture management.



AVANT is the carrier lightweight concrete blocks, connected by special masonry mixture. It takes place in the column to form a thin-walled cast refractory liners. This system leads fuel gas and combustion air at the same time. Thanks to rear ventilation is resistant to moisture. It is a silent and environmentally friendly product.


multiThe multi-ventilation system is designed for the gas with a flue gas temperature to 200 ° C and the low temperature condensation and devices. This modern technology is environmentally friendly. It consists of a backing sheet of light-weight concrete. Within the progress column of the thin molded refractory liners. Four reinforcing channels in the corners of the blocks ensure stability and security, especially in the chimney above roof. This system is suitable for residential buildings. It is characterized by resistance to moisture and acids.








quatro Chimney Quadra is suitable for multi-storey buildings, because it is able to divert the exhaust gas closed ten (turbokotle). At the same time it provides separately for the administrative costs of heating for each apartment. The system is noiseless, environmentally friendly and, thanks to the principle of counterflow air saves energy. The ventilation chimney system is designed for closed gas appliances.








kerastarKERASTAR is a triple system with a heart of high-quality ceramic. Resistant to corrosion and condensation. Thermal insulation of the system consists of mineral wool of high quality having a thickness of 60 mm. Insulation continuous structure contains no thermal bridges. The outer shell consists of steel grade 1.4301. The connecting different parts buckle in stainless steel.