Stainless steel chimney systems Schniedel

Stainless steel chimney systems Schiedel used for flue gas and solid fuels. This type of flue system has significant advantage of the reconstruction of the old chimney stack after adjustment when disconnected from a central source of heating.




PRIMA PLUS is universally chimney system designed for all types of fuels and devices. When liquid and gaseous fuels in vacuum and pressure belt anchors with solid fuel Suction operation with open combustion chamber. It is resistant to moisture and soot burnout. This system is suitable for simultaneous and countercurrent operation as an air duct system. It is characterized by a low weight and space requirements. Installation is quick and easy and can work immediately after installation.

Classificatie conform EN 1856-1:

  • T600 N1 D 3 G
  • T400 N1 W 2 O
  • T200 N1 W 2 O
  • T200 P1 W 2 O
  • T600 N1 D 3 G400
  • T400 N1 W 2 Ø200
  • T200 N1 W 2 Ø200
  • CE-markering 0036 CPD 91.263 002
  • CE-markering conform DIN EN 1856-1